NASK Nanofiber Respirator

  • NASK Nanofiber Respirator (N99 Adult)
  • NASK Nanofiber Respirator (Pro NIOSH N95)
  • FFP2 Surgical Respirator
  • N95 / PM2.5 Nanofiber Air Purifying Mask

NASK Nanofiber Respirator is a series of respirators that possesses both the benefits of the surgical mask & N95/N99 respirators. Extremely breathable and comfortable to wear all day, even during sleep. Fully certified by NIOSH and BSI.

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NASK Nanofiber Baby Diaper

  • NASK Nanofiber Baby Diaper M size
  • NASK Nanofiber Baby Diaper S size

NASK Nanofiber Baby Diaper is newly researched and developed skin calming nanofiber baby diaper with low rewet amount, with Antimicrobial functions e.g. anti Escherichia coli (E. coli) & anti Candida albicans; It delivers skin calming ingredients which can protect baby’s tender skin, potentially minimizing inflammatory responses and proven by recognized testing lab – SGS

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NASK Nanofiber Adult Diaper

  • NASK Nanofiber Adult Diaper L Size
  • NASK Nanofiber Adult Diaper M Size

Scientific Research Results – Specially Made Nanofiber Adult Diaper

Fast Urine Absorption Adult Diaper With Low Rewet Amount
- The urine absorption rate of our diapers is 70% faster than the standard requires, and the rewet is less than 1 gram

Super Absorbency
- Almost one day usage

Nanofiber Can Kill > 99% of Germs e.g. Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Candida albicans
- By using physical methods, the nanofibers can kill harmful microorganisms without nano-silver ions or any electron transfer reactions

Potentially Reduce Inflammatory Responses
- Can effectively kill harmful microorganisms that cause inflammation and the skin care ingredients will be released to protect the skin.

Proven By Recognized Testing Labs–SGS and GTTC
- Passed the test of GB/T 28004.2-2021 and AATCC 100

Contain Natural Skin Care Plant Extracts Which Can Strengthen Skin's Natural Protective Barrier
- Natural skin care plant extracts can increase the moisture content of epidermal cells and promote the shedding of dead skin cells

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