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    Made in Hong Kong: The World's First Antibacterial Mask - NASK Nanofiber Showcases The Scientific Research Prowess
    Over the past decade in developing Nanofiber technology, Sarinda Kwok, the Co-founder and CEO of Profit Royal Pharmaceutical LTD, has witnessed the rise of Hong Kong's scientific research. As a pioneer in the development of nanofiber technology, introducing this innovation posed a significant financial and resource investment with considerable risk for Profit Royal, which specializes in the development of health care products. However, Sarinda firmly believed in the immense potential of nanofiber technology as an innovative track for the industry.

    Her perseverance paid off when the research team succeeded in creating the world’s first antibacterial mask, which not only broke new ground but also found markets overseas, securing patents in the United States, Japan, China, and Hong Kong. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company even prioritized local needs over international orders, dedicating their efforts to supporting the people of Hong Kong in the fight against the pandemic.

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    Overcoming the painpoint of traditional masks, NASK launched the world's first respirator with antibacterial properties.

    Traditional masks have suffered from issues of inadequate protection or breathability. NASK Nanofiber respirator series, developed jointly by Profit Royal Pharmaceutical and local scientific research firms, boasts multiple functions including breathability, antibacterial action, and viral blocking properties. It can eliminate over 99% of bacteria and block viruses within five minutes. "The scenes from the SARS outbreak in 2003 are still vivid in my mind. Upon learning that nanofiber technology could be used to create masks that are highly protective and breathable, our company decided to invest in the development of this technology," Sarinda continued. The advent of the NASK Nanofiber respirator not only meets market demand but does so with a production material cost that is only a third of that of traditional N95 masks, allowing for a more efficient use of production materials and contributing to environmental protection.

    Sarinda states the company's motto is "Protect with Technology," and is dedicated to advancing nanofiber technology to benefit society.

    NASK nanofiber respirator, as a 100% developed and manufactured in Hong Kong, faced public skepticism at its debut trade exhibition as not being a local scientific achievement. However, Sarinda was not discouraged; instead, it motivated her to work even harder on the Hong Kong brand. NASK's nanofiber technology has garnered international acclaim, receiving numerous awards including a gold medal at the Geneva International Invention Exhibition and becoming a finalist in the prestigious R&D 100 Awards, often referred to as the "Oscars of Invention."

    In early 2020, when the COVID-19 outbreak began, there was a global shortage of masks, and even the reserves of N95 masks in public hospitals were insufficient. As a result, NASK nanofiber respirators were introduced. The team worked around the clock to meet societal needs. "During that time, we received orders from all around the world, but as a person who born and raised in Hong Kong, I hoped to make a contribution to Hong Kong, so we temporarily stopped accepting overseas orders to concentrate resources on supplying the local medical institutions" Sarinda said. Taking from society to serve society encapsulates one of the core values that Sarinda had when establishing her company.

    The NASK nano-fiber masks are 100% researched, developed, and manufactured in Hong Kong.

    Reorganizing production bases by employing local startups to enhance the competitiveness of "Made in Hong Kong"

    Nanofiber technology has a wide range of applications. Following the development of nanofiber respirators and baby & adult diapers, our company aims to leverage various collaborations to integrate nanofibre technology into an even wider array of products. Examples include HEPA nanofiber air filters, waterproof and breathable materials for clothing, rapid testing kits, and wound care supplies, thereby extending the benefits to a broader segment of society.

    NASK's production facility recently relocated to the Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate and was officially inaugurated. The opening ceremony was co-officiated by Ms. Sarinda Kwok Hing Ching (second from left), Executive CEO of Profit Royal Pharmaceutical, Mr. Conroy Cheng (second from right), Chairman of Advance Pharmaceutical Co. Limited, Prof. Stephen Heung-sang WONG (first from right), Dean of the United College and Professor of the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Mr. Raymond Wong (first from left), Head of Advanced Manufacturing at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.

    To enhance production efficiency and reorganize the dispersed production bases in Hong Kong, Sarinda chose to relocate to the Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) in the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, which was formally inaugurated earlier. "Nanofiber is the future focal point of our company's development, and we also plan to integrate artificial intelligence sensors that can inspect product quality more quickly and accurately, thus improving quality management efficiency," she said. She also believes that young people have limitless creativity; the key is whether they are given opportunities to showcase their talents. Hence, in searching for partners, she advocates collaborating with startups, aiming to provide a platform for local scientific research results to enter the market. Sarinda is also willing to offer job opportunities to young people. Even if job seekers lack experience but have a passion for work, she is eager to provide them with an ideal research space to realize innovative ideas.

    The production line for NASK's nanofiber technology products is located at the Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) in the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate.

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